What Do Clinicians Find Frustrating About the Implementation of New Health IT Systems?

Thirty-seven percent of health care provider survey respondents said the implementation of new health IT systems can be frustrating because it requires the memorization of additional passwords, according to a survey by CDW Healthcare.

Meanwhile, 31% of respondents said that new health IT systems can be frustrating because they make work processes take longer.

In addition, 25% of surveyed clinicians said they experience frustration with new health IT systems that lack user-friendly interfaces, and 25% said they experience frustration because they feel that they cannot keep up with the changing health IT system.

The report is based on a January survey of 202 physicians, nurses and other caregivers working at hospitals with at least 200 beds.

Source: CDW Healthcare, "The Healthcare IT Tipping Point"

Jeff Brandt
Zima, the EHR are the same from 10 yrs ago, the name have just changed. Too many password, yes this is an issue everywhere, but security is also an issue. Most of these HIT system are not true enterprise systems, until that happens there will be multiple passwords Process take longer, any new process or tool alway takes longer than the one you know. Interfaces - yep, 10 yr old interfaces, they suck. Changes - It is a problem when you want the system to get better, changes do slow, Vendors need to think about the ROI of the change
Zima Hartz
same issues as 10 years ago..

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