Who Believes It Is 'Very Important' To Have Electronic Access to Their Health Care Data?

About eight in 10 patients living with active cancer agree that it is "very important" they be able to access their health care information electronically, according to an analysis from University of Pittsburgh researchers.

Researchers found that about three out of four cancer patients on prescription medication also agree it is "very important" that they can get their medical information in an electronic format.

Researchers also found that 82.1% of patients living with active cancer agree it is "very important" that their health care providers are able to share medical information electronically with one another.

In addition, 60% of post-cancer treatment individuals "strongly agree" that researchers should be able to use their de-identified health care information.

Results are based on an analysis of a 2010 survey conducted by the Lance Armstrong Foundation of 7,417 individuals at various points in cancer treatment and on the 2007 National Cancer Institute's Health Information National Trends Survey on related perspectives from U.S. residents.

Source: University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute and University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

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