How Effectively Do Hospital Marketers Think Social Media Platforms Achieve Objectives?

Among surveyed hospital marketers, about one-third believe online videos are very effective to achieving their organization's marketing objectives, while nearly 15% think having a Twitter presence is a very effective way to meet marketing goals, according to an Acsys Interactive survey.

About 55% of survey respondents said their organization's public website offers an above average or excellent user experience.

Nearly 27% of respondents said their organization's physician portal offered a below average or poor user experience.

In addition, about 32% of respondents from facilities with more than 401 beds indicated their organization is planning to implement a mobile personal health record platform in the future.

Results are based on an online survey conducted from August 2010 to October 2010 of 101 hospital marketers around the country.

Source: Acsys Interactive, "Insights in Action"

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