University of California Spearheading New Initiative To Mine 'Big Data' in Health Care

The University of California-Berkeley is using a $10 million grant from the National Science Foundation's "Big Data" initiative to create an open-source platform to collect, organize and make sense of vast amounts of data, including information that recently was made public by a number of federal agencies, including the Department of Defense, CDC and NIH.

In an iHealthBeat Special Report by Deirdre Kennedy, experts discussed the potential of mining big data for health care and scientific research, as well as the challenges associated with it.

The Special Report includes comments from:

  • Atul Butte, chief of the Division of Systems Medicine at the Stanford School of Medicine's Department of Pediatrics;
  • Francis Collins, director of NIH;
  • David Patterson, a computer science professor at UC-Berkeley; and
  • Taylor Sittler, a pathologist at UC-San Francisco.
The complete transcript of this Special Report is available as a PDF.

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