Consumers Increasingly Turning to Internet, Social Media for Health Care Information


Recent studies have found that consumers increasingly are turning to the Internet for health information.

In addition to health care Web sites, such as WebMD, consumers are turning to user-generated health content, such as physician and hospital rankings, blogs and chat groups.

While the Internet's influence on consumers' health care decisions is outpacing traditional channels, such as television, radio and print media, physicians still are the biggest influence on consumer health behavior, according to Monique Levy, senior director of research at Manhattan Research.

In an iHealthBeat Special Report by Mina Kim, experts discuss the growing use of the Internet for health information.

The segment includes comments from:

  • Mitchell Cohen, a private practice family physician in Elma, Washington;
  • Robin Cohen, a statistician with CDC's National Center for Health Statistics; and
  • Levy.

Google and Microsoft's Bing recently refined their search engines to provide consumers with more credible and relevant information (Kim, iHealthBeat, 4/15).

Jesse Katz
Great report Nina, when it comes to HCIT, more technology is usually better. Doctors are now able to create patient portals where patients (and specialty doctors) now have instant 24/7 access to patient records, and can become much more engaged in their own health. I am excited about the evolution of healthcare through technology. Jesse Katz Founding Team Member,
Bill Flavell
Thank you for sharing this great video. I work on an eldercare blog for nationwide network of caregivers and we are definitely feeling this trend. We answer a ton of questions on our blog. It really seems like this shift has happened in the last year. Keep up the great stories, Bill
Lilia Perez
Very interesting segment. Is there a way to get a transcript? Thanks in advance.

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