Psychiatric Telemedicine Helps Bring Relief To Shortage of Mental Health Professionals


In an iHealthbeat Special Report, psychiatry experts discussed how telemedicine is helping to bridge gaps in psychiatric care in California and other states.

The Special Report includes comments from:

  • Peter Yellowlees, a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at University of California-Davis Medical Center;
  • Randall Hagar, government affairs director for the California Psychiatric Association; and
  • Scott Zeller, president-elect of the American Association for Emergency Psychiatry and a partner at JSA Health, which provide telepsychiatry services.

With the number of psychiatrists stretched thin in many communities, telepsychiatry can help shorten waiting lists and reduce delays in psychiatric care. Medicare, Medicaid and some private insurers will reimburse for the evaluations (Kennedy, iHealthbeat, 9/30).

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