New Pancreatic Disease Registry Aims To Improve Care, Research


The National Pancreas Foundation is developing the first national patient registry dedicated to pancreatic diseases, such as pancreatic cancer and pancreatitis, Health Data Management reports.

The registry is a partnership between NPF and Remedy Informatics, a registry-based oncology software vendor. Remedy developed a pancreatic cancer-focused registry that will serve as the basis of the project, according to Health Data Management.

Details of Registry

The registry is designed to:

  • Capture data entered by patients and physicians; and
  • Enable researchers to analyze, visualize and query the data through Remedy's Mosaic Platform.

Remedy CEO Gary Kennedy said the technology will allow researchers to recognize patterns in data with "relative ease and speed" (Goth, Health Data Management, 7/18).

In addition, NPF said the registry will result in:

  • Improvements in care quality and patient outcomes;
  • More collaboration between NPF and researchers; and
  • The development of new and better treatments for pancreatic conditions (NPF release, 7/10).

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