Telehealth Program Allows Users To Pay With A Tweet


A California-based telehealth program has begun waiving the $25 fee for patients who share their experiences on Twitter or Facebook, mHealth News reports. 

The service, called Pay-With-A-Tweet, was launched by Telecure, a virtual branch of Action Urgent Care in California, to raise awareness for the telehealth program.

The telehealth program helps connect state residents with an urgent care provider who can offer health advice and write prescriptions within 15 minutes by phone or video.

The program sees about 500 patients monthly and charges patients a fixed $25 fee per consultation.

Telecure CEO Garick Hismatullin said that the telehealth program is intended to help patients in remote locations, as well as underserved patients, access medical treatment, but not to replace a patient's primary care physician.

Through the Pay-With-A-Tweet program, Hismatullin said the company is "trying to stimulate awareness and growth right now" (Wicklund, mHealth News, 12/31/13). 

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