DeSalvo Discusses Future of Health IT in First Remarks as ONC Leader


Two days after taking office, National Coordinator for Health IT Karen DeSalvo gave her first public remarks on the future of health IT and her goals for 2014, EHR Intelligence reports.

DeSalvo's comments came during this year's first meeting of the Health IT Policy Committee.

Details of DeSalvo's Comments

During the meeting, DeSalvo said that the "major next chapter" for heath IT would be "to see the promise of health [IT] in the clinical interface for the health systems and the population and community at large come to fruition and that we are able to not only make care more effective but more valuable and that we actually begin to see real improvements in health over time and then are also able to [do] much more for people in the event of disaster so we can enable preparedness" (Murphy, EHR Intelligence, 1/14).

NPWF Weighs In on New Health IT Chief

In a release, Debra Ness, president of the National Partnership for Women & Families, wrote that DeSalvo has an "impressive ability to bring diverse stakeholders together" and "understands well how to address the challenges associated with building health IT infrastructure in our local communities."

She added, "DeSalvo's background is critical to realizing the full potential of health IT, which can help reduce health disparities affecting underserved populations and ensure that every American has the opportunity to live a full, healthy life" (NPWF release, 1/13).

Brian Ahier
Here is the audio of the remarks:

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