Study: Black Parents Interested in Mobile Health, but Few Use It


Black parents are less likely than parents of other racial or ethnic groups to use mobile devices to access or share health information, according to a study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research, FierceMobileHealthcare reports.

Study Details

For the study, researchers surveyed parents of children ages one to 12 who were covered by public insurance and receiving care at three different pediatric care centers in Washington, D.C.

Most of the study's participants were single mothers.

The study focused on black parents':

  • Use of mobile and Internet technology; and
  • Interest in receiving health information via text message or other technologies.


The study found that only about 18% of black mothers used text messages to share health information.

However, about 87% of black mothers showed a strong interest in receiving health information via mobile phones.

The study did not find any differences in Internet and mobile device use and interest between parents of healthy children and parents of children with chronic health conditions (Slabodkin, FierceMobileHealthcare, 1/13).

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