KFF, Turbo Tax Launch Online ACA Subsidy Calculators


The Kaiser Family Foundation and TurboTax each have launched online calculators to help users determine the amount of subsidies they are eligible for if they purchase health coverage through the Affordable Care Act's health insurance exchanges, Government Technology reports.  

The insurance exchanges open for enrollment on Tuesday.
The insurance exchanges offer four categories of insurance plans, which vary in how much coverage they offer beneficiaries. The plans include:

  • Gold plans, which are the most comprehensive;
  • Silver plans;
  • Bronze plans, which are the least comprehensive; and
  • Catastrophic plans, which are available to only certain low-income individuals younger than age 30.

To determine consumers' subsidy eligibility, the calculators ask users to enter personal information, including:

  • Annual income;
  • State of residence;
  • ZIP code; and

Whether their employer offers health insurance (Rich, Government Technology, 9/27).

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