Intermountain, Health IT Companies Launch Medical Innovation Lab

This week, Intermountain Healthcare -- in partnership with several health IT companies -- launched its Healthcare Transformation Lab, which helps health care researchers develop and test medical innovations, FierceHealthIT reports (Gold, FierceHealthIT, 8/21).

Intermountain built the lab at its flagship hospital -- Intermountain Medical Center, in Utah -- in conjunction with Intel and Xi3. Several other technology companies will also take part in the lab, including:

  • Century Link;
  • Dell;
  • NetApp; and
  • Sotera Wireless.

The lab aims to jointly research, develop and measure medical innovations that optimize patient care, according to Intermountain officials. Innovations that are successfully reviewed and tested will be fast-tracked into development for use in Intermountain facilities, with the potential to expand nationwide depending on contractual and regulatory obligations (Miliard, Healthcare IT News, 8/21).

Prototype Projects

Several of the lab's projects have prototypes ready for display, including:

  • A "Patient Room of the Future," designed to improve patient outcomes and comfort by wirelessly monitoring patients' vital signs and allowing patients to personalize their room's light, sound, entertainment features and Internet access;
  • A 3D printer that allows users to print medical device prototypes or other testing and clinical equipment;
  • A "Life Detector," which provides users with real-time alerts of patients' vital signs (Pedulli, Clinical Innovation & Technology, 8/20);
  • A hand washing sensor that hospital staff can wear as a wristband to remind them to wash their hands;
  • A heart monitor that sounds an alarms for patients at risk of suicide;
  • An electronic sensor that reminds users to raise crib railings for infant patients; and
  • A mobile application that medical helicopter teams can use to record and digitally transfer patients' vital signs (Dobner, Salt Lake Tribune, 8/20).

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