Analysis: HHS Biggest Violator of Federal Anti-Paperwork Law

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HHS has violated the federal Paperwork Reduction Act 154 times over the past three years -- more times than any other federal agency or department -- according to an analysis by the American Action Forum, The Hill's "Healthwatch" reports.

According to the analysis, many of the violations were related to the implementation requirements of the Affordable Care Act.


Under the Paperwork Reduction Act, which was designed to reduce paperwork burdens, government offices must justify collecting information that might burden individuals and businesses with excess paperwork.

Findings of Analysis

AAF analysts found that HHS violated the regulation by:

  • Collecting data without proper approval; and
  • Allowing collections to lapse without properly following the renewal process.

The White House budget office gave HHS a "poor" grade for its compliance with the law.

The financial cost of HHS' violations added up to more than $13.6 million and created more than 700,000 hours of regulatory burdens, the analysts reported (Baker, "Healthwatch," The Hill, 7/11).

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