ONC Decertifies 2 EHR Systems Under Meaningful Use Program


On Thursday, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT announced that it has revoked certifications for two electronic health record systems previously certified under the meaningful use program, Modern Healthcare reports.

Under the 2009 federal economic stimulus package, health care providers who demonstrate meaningful use of certified EHR systems can qualify for Medicaid and Medicare incentive payments.

This is the first time ONC has revoked certifications for EHR systems (Carlson, Modern Healthcare, 4/25).

Details of Revocations

Both of the EHR systems that had their certifications revoked were made by California-based EHRMagic. The two products are:

ONC and InfoGard Laboratories -- an ONC authorized certification body -- determined that the EHRMagic systems should be retested after receiving complaints that the systems could not perform the functions required by the meaningful use program (Goedert, Health Data Management, 4/25).

Officials said the EHRMagic systems should not have been certified in the first place but did not provide details about how the systems failed to meet certification standards.

Comments on the Revocations

In a statement, National Coordinator for Health IT Farzad Mostashari said, "By revoking the certification of these EHR products, we are making sure that certified electronic health record products meet the requirements to protect patients and providers" (Healthcare IT News, 4/25).

In an ONC "Health IT Buzz" blog post, Carol Bean -- director of the certification office at ONC -- said, "We want to be clear, the office of certification's role doesn't stop after EHR certification." Bean said, "We are also going to monitor certified EHRs to determine whether they continue to meet our requirements."

Peter Ashkenaz -- an ONC spokesperson -- said that so far no one has attested to meaningful use using the EHRMagic products. Ashkenaz declined to comment on what health care providers should do if their EHR systems ever become retroactively decertified (Modern Healthcare, 4/25).

Frank Poggio
Doesn’t surprise me. I think this outfit was a scam from day one. How, you may ask, could a company pass such a through Certification process? Well after personally having gone through dozens of Certifications in full bloody detail, I will say what ONC probably does not want to hear. You could get 2 high school geeks to pull together a ‘proto-type’ in three weeks that simply addresses each test criteria and pass the Stage 1 test. Now, I do not recommend anyone do that, surely it will explode at install and hopefully a smart buyer never pays for it. But a small MD practice with not much time for detailed investigation might. I bet that’s what happened here. Also remember with the Medicaid program all you need do is ‘contract’ for an EHR, complete the MU attestation saying that you intend to install next year, and voila, you get a check! If that's not ripe for fraud, what is? (contd)
Frank Poggio
(CONTINUED) Unfortunately this is a program that is ready for a big media investigative report on abuse (real or imagined). In the end all the providers that played by the rules will get hurt as the hammer of cutbacks and freezes becomes the political response on how to solve the problem. And of course you can expect ONC rrequests for mountains more documenatation. Your EMR may generate real efficiences, but the mountain of more regs will eat'm up fast. Frank Poggio The Kelzon Group

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