Facebook Post by Arizona Hospital Employee Results in Identity Theft

Last week, an Arizona woman filed a police report after a University of Arizona Medical Center-South Campus employee posted a photo on Facebook that included a computer screen displaying the woman's personal health information, Green Valley News reports.

Details of the Facebook Post

In June, an emergency department employee at the Tucson-based health care provider posted a photo on Facebook that inadvertently displayed a patient's personal health information.

The employee was taking a photo of something else on her work station, according to Green Valley News.

The Arizona woman said the Facebook post displayed her:

  • Name;
  • Address; and
  • Social Security number.

UAMC Director of Media and Corporate Communications Katie Riley said that:

  • The photo was removed from Facebook within 30 minutes of the initial posting;
  • The patient was notified;
  • The employee responsible for the post was disciplined; and
  • Emergency department employees were re-taught privacy policies.

Resulting Identity Theft

The affected patient filed the police report after the Arizona Department of Economic Security called and notified her that someone had used her personal information to apply for food stamps.

The patient noted that although the hospital said the Facebook post was taken down, the photo still exists on the social media site through the files of the employee's friends. 

She said, "I want everybody to know about this," adding that "U[A]MC has been very uncooperative" (Franchine, Green Valley News, 10/20).

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