New E-Rx Certification Programs Target Controlled Substances

Last week, the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission -- a standards development and accrediting group -- announced that it has developed two new electronic prescribing certification programs, Health Data Management reports (Goedert, Health Data Management, 9/14).

Details of the Program

EHNAC officials said that the two certification programs evaluate pharmacy and prescribing vendors that offer applications supporting the e-prescribing of controlled substances, or EPCS.

The programs aim to determine whether such vendors meet detailed regulations from the Drug Enforcement Administration, as well as EHNAC criteria related to:

  • Business practices;
  • Confidentiality;
  • Privacy;
  • Resources;
  • Security; and
  • Technical performance.

EHNAC Seeks To Become EPCS Certifier

Officials noted that EHNAC is undergoing the application process with DEA to become an approved EPCS certifier.

Until EHNAC is approved as an EPCS certifier, its two certification programs will be administered exclusively by certified information system auditors (Miliard, Healthcare IT News, 9/14).

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