CMS Soon To Release Final Rule on ICD-10 Delay, Health Plan IDs


CMS soon could release a final rule that would delay the ICD-10 compliance date and implement Health Plan Identifiers, or HPIDs, Health Data Management reports.

The agency has sent the final rule to the Office of Management and Budget for review, which is one of the last steps before a rule can be published (Goedert, Health Data Management, 8/9).

Details on the ICD-10 Delay

U.S. health care organizations are working to transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 code sets to accommodate codes for new diseases and procedures. The switch from ICD-9 to ICD-10 code sets means that health care providers and insurers will have to change out about 14,000 codes for about 69,000 codes.

In April, HHS released a proposed rule that would delay the deadline for complying with ICD-10 standards by one year, to Oct. 1, 2014. HHS said it decided to push back the compliance date partly in response to health care providers' concerns that they would not be able to meet the initial deadline (iHealthBeat, 7/3).

Details on the HPIDs

The proposed rule also included a provision to establish a unique HPID for all health insurers.

According to HHS, the proposed rule "simplifies the administrative process for providers by proposing that health plans have a unique identifier of a standard length and format to facilitate routine use in computer systems" (iHealthBeat, 5/23).

Additional Details on Proposed Rule

In addition, the proposed rule called for:

  • Requiring certain "organization covered" prescribers to obtain a National Provider Identifier, or NPI; and
  • Adopting a data element to serve as an identifier for entities that are not health plans, health care providers or individuals, such an ambulance provider (Health Data Management, 8/9).

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