Missouri State Senator Blocks Bill To Create Rx Tracking Database

Last week, Missouri state Sen. Rob Schaaf (R) helped block the passage of a bill (SB 710) that would have authorized the state to create a database to track prescription drug purchases, the AP/Kansas City Star reports.

About the Bill

The legislation aimed to prevent "doctor shopping," which refers to when individuals visit multiple doctors to obtain prescriptions for addictive controlled substances.

The bill would have required pharmacies to submit certain information to the state database, such as the name of the prescribing physician, the patient obtaining the medication and details about the drugs prescribed.

Blocking the Bill's Passage

Schaaf, who is a family physician, said he was concerned that the bill would infringe on an individual's right to privacy. He argued that a breach of the database could expose potentially embarrassing information about individuals and their prescribed medications.

The senator said, "This bill causes every citizen to be forced against their will to give up their privacy -- their personal information about the controlled substances they are prescribed by their doctor."

Schaaf led an eight-hour filibuster to help prevent the passage of the legislation. After the Senate session ended for the night, state Senate Majority Leader Tom Dempsey (R) said the bill would not be brought back for a final vote before the legislative session ends May 18.

According to the AP/Star, Missouri and New Hampshire are the only U.S. states that have not passed legislation authorizing the creation of a prescription drug database (Lieb, AP/Kansas City Star, 5/4).

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