AMA Reminds Doctors About June E-Prescribing Deadline

On Friday, the American Medical Association issued a reminder alerting physicians that they must report submitting at least 10 electronic prescriptions by June 30 to avoid the 2013 reimbursement penalties through the Medicare electronic prescribing program, Health Data Management reports (Goedert, Health Data Management, 5/4).

Physicians who do not report at least 10 e-prescribing encounters on claims for eligible services or file for an exemption in time face a 1.5% payment reduction for all Medicare claims in 2013 (AMA release, 5/4).

AMA Reminder

AMA recommended that physicians who are not able to meet the requirements of the Medicare e-prescribing program apply for a hardship exemption prior to the June 30 deadline. AMA provided additional information about the e-prescribing program in a tip sheet on its website.

Cecil Wilson, immediate past president of AMA, said, "While we do not think physicians are being given enough time to comply with the Medicare e-prescribing program, we want to make them aware of the upcoming e-prescribing deadline so they can take steps now to prevent being hit with the 2013 penalty" (Cadet, CMIO, 5/4).

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