Gingrich's Center for Health Transformation Files for Bankruptcy


On Wednesday, the Center for Health Transformation -- the health care policy think tank and consulting firm founded by Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich -- filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, The Hill's "Blog Briefing Room" reports (Sink, "Blog Briefing Room," The Hill, 4/5).


Gingrich established CHT nearly 10 years ago (Leonnig, Washington Post, 4/5).

After the passage of the 2009 federal economic stimulus package, the firm teamed up companies like Allscripts and Microsoft for an "EHR Stimulus Tour" that traveled the country encouraging physicians and hospitals to adopt electronic health records to secure federal incentive payments. 

Under the stimulus package, health care providers who demonstrate meaningful use of certified EHRs can qualify for Medicaid and Medicare incentive payments (iHealthBeat, 12/16/2011).

Gingrich stepped down from his role as CHT's chief fundraiser last summer to pursue his candidacy for president (Washington Post, 4/5).

Bankruptcy Details

 According to the bankruptcy filing, the center estimates that it has $50,001 to $100,000 in assets and owes between $1 million and $10 million (Geiger, Los Angeles Times, 4/5).

Rick Tyler -- a spokesperson for Gingrich -- said, "It's unfortunate, but not surprising, that without Newt Gingrich's leadership, the organization failed" (Washington Post, 4/5).

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