Report Offers Tactics for Health Data Exchange Sustainability


On Monday, IDC Health Insights released a report outlining best practices for establishing a sustainable health information exchange, eWeek reports (Horowitz, eWeek, 4/3).

Report Details

The report -- titled, "Best Practices: Establishing Sustainable Health Information Exchange," -- is based on interviews with about 50 executives from enterprise, regional and state health data exchanges.

For the report, IDC Health Insights organized the best practices according to the major components of operating a health information exchange:

  • Stakeholder engagement;
  • Communications;
  • Data Governance;
  • Deployment and clinical use of an electronic health record system;
  • Selection of a health information exchange product;
  • Project management and implementation;
  • Privacy and security; and
  • Funding and sustainability.


The report recommended that health care organizations focus first on understanding the clinical, technical and business requirements of a health information exchange before selecting a vendor or particular tool (Manos, Healthcare IT News, 4/3).

The report also noted that:

  • Exchanges should promote collaboration to achieve patient-centered care;
  • Interoperability is achieved through close coordination with stakeholders; and
  • Resolving privacy and security issues is more time-consuming than fixing technical problems (Pulley, "Health IT Update," NextGov, 4/3).

Lynne Dunbrack -- program director of connected health IT strategies at IDC Health Insights -- said health care organizations should understand how the exchanges will be funded before implementing platforms. "Build it and they will come has been such a disaster," she said (eWeek, 4/3).

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