Organization Releases Roadmap for Health Information Exchange


On Tuesday, the National eHealth Collaborative announced the release of a new roadmap aimed at helping stakeholders build and operate health information exchanges, CMIO reports.

NeHC developed the roadmap based on advice and input from more than 60 industry experts (Byers, CMIO, 4/3).

Roadmap Details

The roadmap describes existing public and private efforts to create and implement health information exchanges (Goedert, Health Data Management, 4/2). For example, it outlines the history, progress and next steps for federal efforts such as Connect and the Direct project (Conn, Modern Healthcare, 4/3).

It also provides an in-depth look at three topics:

  • The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT's efforts to develop standards for local health data exchange initiatives;
  • Current initiatives that are using national standards to provide innovative health data exchange functionality and services; and
  • Steps that communities can take to successfully deploy interoperable electronic health record systems, health IT tools and real-time data sharing through health information exchange (Monegain, Healthcare IT News, 4/2).

Four-Phase Plan for Health Data Exchanges

The roadmap also outlines a four-phase plan to help health information exchanges advance and become sustainable:

  • HIE Objectives and Vision: First, a local leadership group should decide how a health information exchange should function in its community;
  • Market Assessment: Next, the leadership group should assess market conditions and community readiness for the exchange;
  • Strategy Development: Next, the leadership group should identify strategic options for implementing the exchange, evaluate those options and develop a strategy for deployment; and
  • Strategy Implementation: Finally, the leadership group should determine the technical requirements, roles and responsibilities, financial implications, data sources and service timeline for the exchange (CMIO, 4/3).

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