Joint Commission Opens Portal on Health Care-Associated Infections


The Joint Commission has announced the launch of a Web-based portal that allows health care providers to access information and resources on health care-associated infections, Modern Physician reports.

The HAI Portal was developed in collaboration with the:

  • Joint Commission International;
  • Joint Commission Resources; and
  • Joint Commission Center for Transforming Healthcare.

Portal Details

The portal will give health care providers access to an online kiosk containing all of the Joint Commission's HAI-related information and tools (McKinney, Modern Physician, 4/2).

The portal contains both no-cost and for-purchase information on:

  • Common types of HAIs;
  • HAI tracking tools;
  • Strategies to prevent HAIs;
  • Strategies to identify HAIs;
  • Staff and patient education (Goedert, Health Data Management, 4/2); and
  • A list of related performance measures.
Jerod Loeb -- the Joint Commission's executive vice president of health care quality evaluation -- in a statement said, "We hope that the easily accessible information on the HAI Portal will assist health care organizations, practitioners and caregivers to prevent HAIs in their organizations, practices and homes" (Modern Physician, 4/2).

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