VA, Pentagon Plan Early Launch of Joint EHR System at Two Sites


On Wednesday, Roger Baker -- CIO of the Department of Veterans Affairs -- announced that VA and the Department of Defense plan to implement their integrated electronic health record system in two demonstration areas in 2014, two years ahead of schedule, NextGov reports.

Details of the Early Launch

Although VA and DOD initially planned to take four years to develop the infrastructure of the integrated EHR -- or iEHR -- system, Baker said senior leadership at both agencies decided that the iEHR system should undergo field tests in 2014.

He said the departments will install the iEHR system in their hospitals in Norfolk, Va. and San Antonio -- two areas with high concentrations of veterans and military personnel.

According to Baker, implementing the iEHR system ahead of schedule will require quick development of joint laboratory and pharmacy software (Brewin, NextGov, 4/26).

VA Plans To Release iPhone, iPad App

In related news, clinicians at VA's Washington, D.C., medical center have developed an iPhone and iPad application that the department plans to release this summer.

The app would allow physicians to use mobile devices to access patients' EHR data.

Baker said VA eventually plans to release similar EHR apps for other mobile platforms, such as Android (Mosquera, Government Health IT, 4/26).

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