KLAS Report Evaluates EHR Vendor Options for Urgent Care Centers


Urgent care centers increasingly are seeking electronic health record systems to accommodate growing patient volumes, and three different types of EHR systems could meet those needs, according to a report by research firm KLAS, Healthcare IT News reports.

For the report -- titled, "Urgent Care 2012: A Host of EMR Options" -- researchers interviewed 76 urgent care organizations to assess their EHR vendor's performance.

Different Types of EHR Systems

According to the report, urgent care centers have the option of using:

  • Ambulatory EHR systems;
  • Emergency department EHR systems; or
  • Best-of-breed urgent care EHR systems.

Erik Bermudez -- the report's author -- said, "The best [EHR system] really depends on the urgent care center," adding, "Each urgent care center should examine their facility's needs, and then begin vetting vendors and products."

He added that stand-alone centers tend to use best-of-breed urgent care EHR vendors, while hospital-affiliated centers often adopt the EHR system used by the hospital's ED.

Best-of-Breed EHR Systems

In the report, KLAS also compared the following best-of-breed urgent care EHR vendors:

  • CodoniX;
  • DocuTAP; and
  • Practice Velocity.

Researchers identified Practice Velocity as the top best-of-breed urgent care EHR vendor based on:

  • Efficiency and patient safety;
  • Reporting and charge capture; and
  • Ongoing vendor support and communication (Monegain, Healthcare IT News, 4/16).
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