U.S. CTO: Innovative Technology Could Transform Health Care


U.S. Chief Technology Officer Todd Park recently said that innovative technologies are poised to transform the health care industry, Healthcare IT News reports.

Park spoke Monday during the Healthcare Experience Design -- or HxD -- conference, which aimed to explore how principles of design and philosophy could affect electronic health record systems, mobile health applications, medical devices, clinician workflow and the patient experience.

Park's Comments

In his speech, Park praised the innovation that has led to the development of numerous apps under the Health Data Initiative, which launched when Park served as HHS' CTO.

As part of the Health Data Initiative, the Institute of Medicine publicly released massive stores of government health data. Park noted that the initiative has created a "self-propelled, open ecosystem of innovation" by allowing developers to use the government data to create apps aimed at improving health.

He added that the initiative currently is in "turbo-overdrive" and likely will continue advancing because HHS is expected to double the amount of data available on HealthData.gov over the next six months (Miliard [1], Healthcare IT News, 3/27).

Myths for Mobile Developers

Also at the HxD conference, Josh Clark -- founder of the New York-based design consulting firm Global Moxie -- shared seven myths that he said developers of mobile health apps should understand (Miliard [2], Healthcare IT News, 3/27).

According to Clark, the seven myths are that:

  • Mobile users always are distracted or in a rush;
  • Mobile devices must deliver less content to the user;
  • Complexity should be avoided;
  • Extra clicks, taps and menus on mobile devices are unacceptable;
  • Apps should have separate websites;
  • Mobile products are more about apps than content; and
  • Content management systems and application programming interfaces are for data wonks (Dolan, MobiHealthNews, 3/27).

In debunking the myths, Clark said he hoped to encourage developers to create more useful and exciting apps for health care providers (Miliard [2], Healthcare IT News, 3/27).

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