Report: CIOs Concerned With Data Entry, Costs Associated With Tablets

Many health IT professionals believe the use of tablet computers in the health care industry creates data-entry challenges and increases costs, according to a report from BizTechReports, InformationWeek reports.

Report Details

For the study -- titled, "Diagnosis Danger: Governance and Security Issues Cause IT Concerns About iPad in Healthcare Settings" -- researchers surveyed 100 hospital and clinic CIOs, as well as other health IT executives.

According to findings:

  • 74% of respondents said tablets present challenges for data entry; and
  • 66% said that providing technical support for consumer-grade tablets, including iPads, can increase costs.

The health IT professionals also cited other tablet concerns, including:

  • Durability of devices;
  • Difficulty integrating with electronic health records (Lewis, InformationWeek, 2/3);
  • Managing risk while sharing medical data with multiple users; and
  • Addressing data breaches.

The researchers wrote, "There is a sense of concern among health care IT executives that pressure to meet the demands of end-users to support consumer-grade computing and communications devices like the iPad is coming at the expense of other important priorities."

In addition, they noted, "Products like the iPad ... have derived many of their most attractive features by adopting non-industry-standard components" (Pulley, NextGov, 2/6).

Report Recommendations

The researchers recommended that vendors develop tablets that are more useful to physicians. They said the devices should include features such as:

  • Handwriting recognition;
  • Keyboard-based entry of narratives and thoughts on patient care;
  • Speech-to-text conversion; and
  • Scanning of prescription labels and patient wristbands (InformationWeek, 2/3).

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