Peace Corps Planning To Develop EHR System for Volunteers Worldwide


The Peace Corps plans to develop an electronic health record system to help manage the health of its volunteers who are stationed in 77 countries around the world, according to an announcement on the Federal Business Opportunities website, Government Health IT reports.

The Peace Corps noted that its EHR system would need to be accessible to staff stationed in developing countries with limited Internet access. The EHR system also would need to:

  • Allow staff to record data on laptops or mobile devices and sync the information to OpenEMR, a no-cost, open-source EHR system;
  • Offer searchable problem, medication and allergy lists; and
  • Maintain a record of vaccinations.

In addition, the Peace Corps noted that the EHR system would need to include a:

  • Billing module;
  • Clinical notes section;
  • Lab and imaging section; and
  • Consultation section.

The Peace Corps plans to develop a proof of concept for the EHR system that will be tested in a pilot program by September and launched in fiscal year 2013 (Mosquera, Government Health IT, 2/3).

Brady Miller
Seriously, I'm guessing you have a large stake in a proprietary EMR solution to make such a comment. Since linux is open source, do you consider linux to also be a security nightmare?
Michael Milne
Crash and burn! They have no idea what they are asking, way over their heads, and want to spend little money - OpenEMR ?? for 77 locations with no Internet ? - LOL It is Open Source - which means hackers in 77 countries have access to its code - a security nightmare.

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