Most Health Providers See Value in Health IT, According to Survey

Eighty-four percent of health care providers say they consider health IT "invaluable" or "valuable," according to a survey by CDW Healthcare, FierceHealthIT reports (Bowman, FierceHealthIT, 2/27).

For the survey, CDW Healthcare surveyed 202 health care providers and 200 health IT professionals at hospitals with at least 200 beds.

Health Care Providers

Among the 202 surveyed caregivers, CDW Healthcare found that:

  • 50% said they considered health IT "invaluable" because it "delivers capabilities that could not be replaced by non-IT tools;" and
  • 34% said they considered health IT "valuable" because it "significantly aids in the delivery of care."

In addition, 71% of health care providers said they would not be able to complete more than 50% of their workload without health IT (CDW Healthcare report, 2/27).

Health IT Professionals

Among the 200 surveyed health IT professionals, CDW Healthcare found that:

  • 56% said they have deployed an electronic health record system in their hospital in the past 18 months (FierceHealthIT, 2/27); and
  • 48% said they have deployed a computerized provider order entry system in the past 18 months (CDW Healthcare report, 2/27).

In addition, the survey found that:

  • Nearly 80% of health IT professionals said the infrastructure to support health IT sometimes is implemented as an afterthought; and
  • 58% said they had implemented data storage, a server or a network program after adopting a new health IT system at least once (FierceHealthIT, 2/27).

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