Health Data Exchange Hindered by Funding, Interoperability Issues


Some of the biggest challenges to widespread health information exchange are barriers related to funding, interoperability standards and health IT adoption, according to a survey released by the National eHealth Collaborative, Modern Healthcare reports.

The survey is based on 185 responses to an online survey of industry stakeholders (McKinney, Modern Healthcare, 2/28).

Barriers to Health Data Exchange

When asked to identify the three biggest hurdles to widespread health data exchange:

  • 61% of respondents cited challenges related to funding and sustainability;
  • 53% cited challenges related to interoperability standards;
  • 46% cited challenges related to health IT adoption among health care providers;
  • 46% cited challenges related to disparate electronic health record systems; and
  • 34% cited challenges related to privacy and security.

Benefits of Health Data Exchange

When asked to identify the three most important benefits of health information exchange:

  • 73% cited better care coordination;
  • 65% cited the ability to provide health care providers and patients with the right information at the right time;
  • 39% cited improved efficiency; and
  • 37% cited improved quality (Manos, Healthcare IT News, 2/28).
John Tempesco
I find it interesting that a preponderance of of respondents agreed on positive results over negative ones - yet your headline focuses on barriers. Until people begin focusing on benefits instead of hurdles, we'll not make the gains necessary for improving quality and reducing costs in healthcare. I see this as a dis-service to the HIT community.

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