AHRQ Plans To Develop Searchable Database of Patient Registries


The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality plans to develop a searchable Registry of Patient Registries to improve data sharing and collaboration among medical researchers, according to an announcement published Wednesday in the Federal Register, Government Health IT reports.

Patient registries track information about the experiences of people with specific health conditions.

Details of the Registry

The online registry would provide a catalog of patient registries in the way that the federal website ClinicalTrials.gov provides a listing of trials of new therapies.

To allow for easier comparisons of data from different registries, the tool would promote the use of common data fields and definitions.

In addition, the registry would offer a search tool to help researchers find existing data from patient registries that they could use in new research.

AHRQ's plans for the registry currently are undergoing a 60-day public comment period (Mosquera, Government Health IT, 2/22).

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