West Wireless Health Institute Unveils Wireless Framework

On Wednesday, the West Wireless Health Institute unveiled a new wireless framework for hospitals and health systems, Modern Healthcare reports.


The not-for-profit institute said the framework was developed with participation from six hospitals and health systems. The facilities already have deployed the framework.

The institute said it worked with the organizations to develop a wireless installation standard that could be used by the entire health industry (Evans, Modern Healthcare, 2/15).

Don Casey -- CEO of the West Wireless Health Institute -- said, "Hospitals and health systems have been dependent on expensive solutions that in many cases are proprietary and lead to unneeded costs and the Council's reference architecture reduces that dependency"(West Wireless Health Institute release, 2/15).

More Wireless Goals

The group said it also seeks to address:

  • Wireless regulatory improvement and leadership;
  • Interoperability, data analytics and medical device assurance; and
  • Hospital infrastructure implementation (Modern Healthcare, 2/15).

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