AT&T Sees Telehealth, Mobile App Growth as 2013 Health IT Trends


On Monday, AT&T released a list of predictions for the top five health IT trends of 2013, EHR Intelligence reports (Murphy, EHR Intelligence, 12/3).

AT&T predicted that the health care system will experience:

  1. A shift from stand-alone mobile health applications to sponsored mobile health apps from health insurers, health care providers, employers and others;
  2. The movement of more health care data into cloud-based storage systems;
  3. Widespread adoption of remote monitoring tools for patients with chronic health conditions;
  4. An increase in the number of mobile health apps that can integrate with other devices, apps and health IT platforms; and
  5. Significant growth in the use of telehealth tools by health care providers (Pulley, "Health IT Update," NextGov, 12/3).

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