Health IT Venture Investments Increased Between 2010 and 2011


In 2011, venture capital investments in the health IT sector generated 86 deals worth $633 million, according to a report from Dow Jones VentureSource, CMIO reports.

The numbers represent a 26% increase in health IT deal activity and a 22% increase in health IT capital raised over the previous year, according to the report.

Growth Factors

According to the report, the increase in health IT investments was fueled by interest in:

  • Electronic health record systems;
  • Internet and mobile health applications; and
  • Information management tools.

Additional Findings

The researchers found that overall investment in the health care sector fell slightly to 738 deals worth $8.4 billion, compared with 747 deals worth $8.3 billion in 2010.

Health IT activity finished third in dollars invested behind biopharmaceuticals and medical devices (Pearson, CMIO, 1/24).

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