Hospitals in Western Europe Spent $3.2B on Health IT in 2010


In 2010, hospitals in Western European countries spent roughly $3.2 billion on health IT products and services, according to a report by the European Coordination Committee of the Radiological, Electromedical and Healthcare IT Industry, FierceHealthIT reports.

Key Findings

The report by the not-for-profit trade association found that the types of tools that are used vary significantly between different countries (Bowman, FierceHealthIT, 1/17). For example, more than 80% of U.K. hospitals use computerized provider order entry systems, compared with almost none of Italy's hospitals.

In addition, the report broke down total hospital IT spending and found that:

  • 37% went to administrative IT;
  • 31% went to clinical IT;
  • 21% went to radiology IT;
  • 9% went to laboratory IT; and
  • 2% went to cardiology IT.

The report also found that:

  • The United Kingdom spent $221.3 million on health IT;
  • Germany spent $189.6 million;
  • France spent $158 million;
  • Italy spent $56.9 million; and
  • Spain spent $25.3 million (Gale, CMIO, 1/17).

Study Recommendations

The report's authors wrote, "More investment in clinical information is needed to move today's health care delivery models to the next level of efficiency and quality" (FierceHealthIT, 1/17).

The authors recommended that hospitals and governments continue to:

  • Develop IT skills among health care professionals;
  • Gather evidence on the benefits of health IT; and
  • Invest in clinical IT systems to make health care delivery more efficient (CMIO, 1/17).

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