Health Care Industry Expected To See Rapid Growth in IT Positions

The health care industry is leading the market in the creation of IT jobs, according to a data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Computerworld reports.

The U.S. currently has about 176,000 health IT jobs. That number is expected to grow by about 20% annually through 2018, a rate that is "much faster than average," according to BLS.

Other Projections of Health IT Job Growth

SimplyHired, an online job search engine, estimates that health IT positions have increased by 67% since November 2009.

Dion Lim, CEO of SimplyHired, said that CIO and CTO positions are seeing the largest percentage increase among health IT jobs. Lim noted that since 2009, CIO positions in the health care industry have increased by about 101%, while CTO positions have increased by about 127%.

Robert Booz, vice president and analyst for market research firm Gartner, said the health care sector has started hiring CIOs from other industries. He said, "People who were in retail banking or manufacturing are being brought into the health care world to bring their lessons learned from other industries."

Types of Jobs

According to SimplyHired, software developers account for the most health IT jobs, followed by system analysts.

The firm noted that health IT administration jobs have seen strong growth in recent years. Since 2009, estimates that the number of positions for:

  • Database administrators has increased by 94%;
  • Network administrators has increased by 64%;
  • Systems administrators has increased by 43%; and
  • Storage administrators has increased by 37%.

BLS estimates that among health IT jobs, employment for medical records technicians and health information technicians will see the greatest growth through 2018. The bureau notes that "with the increasing use of electronic health records, more technicians will be needed to complete the new responsibilities associated with electronic data management" (Mearian, Computerworld, 8/4).

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