Dossia To Upgrade PHR System by Adding Social Networking Features

Dossia, a consortium of large employers, recently announced plans to add several new features to its personal health record platform in an effort to encourage greater user involvement, InformationWeek reports.

Dossia CEO Mike Critelli said the new Dossia Health Manager will be an "intelligent" system that incorporates gaming and social networking principles to facilitate "sustained user engagement and behavior change" (Kolbasuk McGee, InformationWeek, 7/20).

New Features

According to Dossia, the new platform will provide telehealth services with physicians who can access and input data into a patient's PHR during the consultation. Employers might choose to subsidize the telehealth service under various cost-sharing arrangements, depending on their benefit plan.

The new PHR system also will offer:

  • Access to a physician search tool;
  • Analytics that can suggest certain health initiatives based on a user's PHR data;
  • An enhanced vaccine tracker that provides alerts when users are due for immunizations; and
  • Wellness-based social networking tools.

Dossia's new PHR platform is expected to be available later this year (Goedert, Health Data Management, 7/20).

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