ONC Collaborates With CDC, Diabetes Group on Mobile Health Initiative

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT is collaborating with the American Diabetes Association and CDC to launch a public health campaign that will use mobile health technology to provide information about caring for diabetes, Healthcare IT News reports.

Details of the Campaign

ONC, CDC and the diabetes association will work with two Beacon Community members in the next two months to help design tools that provide ways for patients to manage diabetes. The campaign also aims to help patients connect more effectively with their physicians and evaluate their risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

The two participating Beacon Community members -- which are federally designated regions that aim to use health IT to improve health -- are the:

  • Crescent City Beacon Community in New Orleans; and
  • Southeast Michigan Beacon Community in Detroit.

Voxiva -- a provider of mobile health technology -- also is participating in the campaign, which will begin this fall.

The model for the campaign is the nationwide Text4Baby project, which delivers health tips by text message to pregnant women and new mothers. The Text4Baby program has grown to include more than 500 health organizations and has enrolled more than 185,000 women (Merrill, Healthcare IT News, 6/27).

Details of Participating Locations

According to Vivian Fonseca, professor of medicine at Tulane University, there are about 90,000 individuals with diabetes in the New Orleans metropolitan area.

About 21% of residents in Wayne County, Mich., have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes. Wayne County includes Detroit (McKinney, Modern Healthcare, 6/27).

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