University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Funding Goes for IT Research


The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center's Technology Development Center has awarded grants for five health IT research projects to academic partner Carnegie Mellon University, Healthcare IT News reports.

UPMC's Healthcare Technology Innovation Grant program aims to advance new research areas within health IT. The program has been in effect since September 2010.

Projects under the new funding focus on the:

  • Application of pattern detection processes to real-time health care data streams for diagnostic and business intelligence;
  • Creation of an electronic system to identify poisonous plants (Merrill, Healthcare IT News, 2/1);
  • Development of software to improve care management of patients with end-stage heart failure;
  • Development of data analysis tools to improve diabetes care (Conn, Modern Healthcare, 2/1); and
  • Improvement of a simulation system to improve understanding of cerebral aneurysms (Healthcare IT News, 2/1).

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