Many Health Providers Skeptical of Cloud-Based Systems, Report Finds


Many health care providers are skeptical of using cloud-based health IT systems, according to a report by market research company KLAS, CMIO reports.

For the report, KLAS surveyed 97 health care providers.

Key Findings

Report author Erik Westerlind said that although 58% of surveyed providers were considering using cloud computing technology, only 35% had firm plans to adopt it.

Westerlind said, "In fact, many providers are still vetting out cloud technologies and feel that the technology is a bit premature for health care."

Of the providers who said they currently were using cloud-computing tools, 23% were using it to support electronic health records, according to the report.

In addition, the report found that 60% of respondents believed that cost savings are the greatest benefit of using cloud-based health IT systems.

Researchers also determined that health care providers are more likely to choose private cloud services from health IT vendors because they are more secure than public cloud systems provided by companies such as Amazon and Google (Gale, CMIO, 12/13).

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