Pentagon, VA Request $2.8B for Health IT Projects in FY 2011


The departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs have requested $2.8 billion for health IT projects as part of the federal government's fiscal year 2011 budget, NextGov reports.


DOD asked for $1.5 billion for the upcoming fiscal year, up from the $1.4 billion it received during FY 2010.

The funding request includes $147 million for electronic health record projects, such as:

  • The creation of DOD's new EHR Way Ahead system; and
  • The development of a new systems architecture to link DOD and VA.


VA requested $1.3 billion for FY 2011, down from the $1.4 billion it received in FY 2010.

The funding request includes:

  • $346 million to scale up its HealtheVet platform as a replacement for its VistA EHR system; and
  • $52 million to collaborate with DOD on their joint Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record project (Brewin, NextGov, 2/2).

VA's Oracle Deal

VA also announced plans to sign a five-year enterprise licensing agreement with the technology company Oracle. Officials estimate that the deal will help the agency reduce spending by nearly $118 million over five years.

The Office of Management and Budget said the Oracle agreement will help VA:

  • Combine its existing software licenses under a single contract;
  • Exchange data with DOD; and
  • Launch online tools for appointment scheduling, personal health records and prescription refills (Brewin, NextGov, 2/1).

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