Michigan Experiences Problems With New Medicaid IT Systems


Several Michigan health care providers are reporting major problems with the state's new Medicaid computer programs, the Detroit Free Press reports.

The problems include:

  • Enrollment delays;
  • Payment errors; and
  • Reimbursement issues.

One of the new systems deals with care management and eligibility while the other system manages Medicaid reimbursements. Officials launched both systems this year.

Michigan's IT problems are occurring at the same time the state is seeing a large increase in the number of residents applying for Medicaid.

Officials said the state will attempt to fix the glitches on Friday and again on Dec. 11.

The Michigan Department of Community Health also said it has started accelerating payments for health care facilities that have yet to receive their Medicaid reimbursements (Anstett, Detroit Free Press, 11/5).

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