Online Tool Creates Single Application for Local Health Programs

More local governments are showing interest in a Web-based platform that allows residents to apply simultaneously for multiple publicly funded health and social service programs, Government Health IT reports.

The One-e-App system, run by the California-based Center To Promote HealthCare Access, aggregates public benefit information into a single online application.

Since its launch in 2004, officials have deployed One-e-App in 11 California counties, two Maryland counties, one Indiana county and across all of Arizona.

The program already has served 2.2 million applicants this year, up one million from 2008.

Mash-Up Model

One-e-App uses a "mash-up" model to combine data from various state and county programs into a single application.

The model allows One-e-App to access several different sites without needing to build a custom interface (Moore, Government Health IT, September/October 2009).

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