Telemedicine Project in California Announces First Six Sites


On Thursday, University of California-Merced officials announced that six telemedicine centers in underserved cities in California's San Joaquin Valley will have access to medical specialists at UC-Merced using videoconferencing and other technology to facilitate remote consultations, the Stockton Record reports.

Members of the Valley Telehealth Partnership will be able to use real-time video consultations with medical specialists in fields including dermatology, psychiatry, pediatrics, endocrinology and gastroenterology. More specialties are expected to be added (Goldeen, Stockton Record, 6/6).

Maria Pallavicini, dean of natural sciences at UC-Merced, said the equipment should be installed at the sites by the end of the summer.

The project is being funded through a $500,000 grant from AT&T, $200,000 from the California Emerging Technology Fund and $250,000 from the California Partnership for the San Joaquin Valley (Patton, Merced Sun Star, 6/6).

The first six sites are expected to lay the groundwork for a larger regional project intended to improve access to medical specialists for the rural and underserved communities in the San Joaquin Valley (Modesto Bee, 6/6).

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