Minnesota Moves to E-Prescriptions for All State Employees

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R) on Wednesday announced a plan to adopt electronic prescribing for all state employees and their dependents through a new single pharmacy benefits manager, Government Technology reports.

The state Department of Employee Relations has consolidated its three separate pharmacy benefit managers and agreed to use just Navitus Health Solutions for 115,000 state employees and their dependents. The move will increase efficiency and save the state about $5 million annually, which will go toward controlling rising premium costs in the Minnesota Advantage Health Plan, Government Technology reports. The Minnesota Advantage Health Plan is a health plan for state employees.

E-prescribing will allow state employees to improve the management of their drugs and make the drug information readily available to members and their physicians in a portable, interoperable format.

The e-prescribing initiative builds off of Pawlenty's other 2007 health IT legislative priorities, including:

  • A proposal to adopt a uniform electronic billing and coding system to make Minnesota the first state to use a single electronic method for all claims and eligibility transactions by January 15, 2009;
  • A requirement that all hospitals and health care providers adopt interoperable electronic health records by January 1, 2015. He also has signed a bill to provide $14 million to help small rural providers and community clinics adopt the systems; and
  • Updates to Minnesota's privacy statues to protect patient privacy with EHRs (Government Technology, 6/6).

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