Afghanistan's First Telemedicine Project Goes Live

Afghan telecom operator Roshan has launched a telemedicine system to expand health care access and delivery across Afghanistan, reports.

The first phase of the project uses technology from Cisco and other vendors to allow Aga Khan University Hospital in Pakistan to share radiology expertise with the French Medical Institute for Children in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Moving forward, major Afghan regional hospitals will connect with the French Medical Institute for Children, as well as medical facilities in Europe and North America.

The system uses broadband technology to conduct an average of 60 to 80 transmissions and 10 to 15 teleconferences between hospitals per month, and the numbers are projected to increase over time. The system later will be expanded beyond teleradiology and will address other services and procedures, including tissue sample evaluation and the online performance of medical and surgical procedures, reports.

The telemedicine system expands access to medical specialists for Afghans who previously had to seek care abroad, Karim Khoja, CEO of Roshan, said. He added that the project will help improve health care provided in Afghanistan by sharing expertise.

The Afghan telemedicine project is viewed as a model for other developing countries where access to medical diagnosis, treatment and training is limited, reports (, 6/21).

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