France Could Be Model for U.S. Health Data Exchanges, Experts Say


France and its Ministry of Health since 2004 has supported electronic health record projects across its 22 regions, however, like the U.S., France has yet to develop an interoperable platform to allow the regional health data exchanges to share information with one another, Healthcare IT News reports.

Ilan Freedman, vice president of marketing for dbMotion, said the U.S. could learn some lessons from the French model because while each hospital in France has its own CEO, each region's Regional Hospitalization Agency acts as a single, decision-making entity for the budgets of all hospitals in the region.

Gerard Manrique, business development manager for Healthcare and Life Sciences Innovation IBM France, said the key to connecting the existing enterprise applications is using open standards-based technology, Healthcare IT News reports.

In terms of having a sustainable model for exchanging health data, Freedman said that France's Regional Hospitalization agencies are similar to integrated delivery networks in the U.S. He added that it makes sense for hospital systems in U.S. metropolitan areas to connect internally and effectively build connections to other IDNs to become part of the Nationwide Health Information Network (Monegain, Healthcare IT News, 10/18).

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