Study: Lack of Standardized Tools, Processes Impair Clinicians' Communications

Paper-based systems and a lack of standardized tools and means for communication have hindered communications between physicians and nurses with patients and colleagues, according to a study released on Tuesday by the Spyglass Consulting Group, Healthcare IT News reports.

The study, called "Healthcare Without Bounds: Trends in Mobile Communications Study," found that 67% of clinicians interviewed carry multiple mobile devices -- such as pagers, cell phones, smartphones and VoIP phones -- to manage all of their job functions and communications.

The clinicians interviewed also said they do not have the tools to "filter, manage and prioritize" their communications with patients and colleagues, according to Healthcare IT News. Clinicians construct artificial barriers to prevent unnecessary disruptions, and they communicate the most with people they know.

The goal of the study was to assess the way mobile communications devices enhance clinician mobility and responsiveness, improve patient safety and reduce costs. The study was conducted through more than 100 telephone interviews with physicians and nurses nationwide over a four-month period that began in July (Monegain, Healthcare IT News, 11/6).

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