Federal Government To Upgrade Open-Source NHIN Connect Software


The Federal Health Architecture is planning to significantly upgrade its Connect software that links organizations to the Nationwide Health Information Network, Government Health IT reports.

The no-cost, open-source software allows federal health agencies to access shared health record data.

New services planned for Connect include:

  • An index for patient identity management;
  • A health record authorization engine; and
  • A patient health record registry.

Vish Sankaran, FHA program director, said the initiative also is studying ways to consolidate data from isolated federal health networks, as well as federal and state program offices.

Speaking yesterday during a panel discussion on federal health information sharing, Sankaran said, "We need to look into some ways to streamline data feeds from the state agencies to the federal agencies," adding that these measures "can really save money and improve service to the citizens."

Sankaran also said that budget pressures will encourage the government to seek ways to "create bridges" between health IT platforms rather than break down and re-create new systems (McCloskey, Government Health IT, 6/5).

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