Brailer Touts Health Care IT as Key to Health Care Reform Efforts


At the Health Tech Investment Forum in San Francisco on Tuesday, David Brailer, former national coordinator for health IT, said health care IT and innovation can spur changes in the U.S. health care system, Healthcare IT News reports.

He said despite the economic recession and the "tremendous nervousness" among investors, "capital will find a way" to finance innovation, adding, "The bright spot is health IT."

He said the $37 billion allotted for the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT in February was a "tremendous commitment" that has turned ONC into the fastest growing federal program in the nation.

He said electronic health record companies will benefit the most from federal stimulus funding allocated for health IT.

Brailer also praised the $500 million designated for health information exchange but noted that changes in privacy policy would make health data exchange more difficult.

He criticized the lack of funding for personal health records.

Brailer said the stimulus funding is more of a subsidy than a stimulus to the 75% of hospitals already committed to health IT implementation. He said the real test will be whether smaller hospitals with fewer resources are able to implement health IT (Enrado, Healthcare IT News, 3/25).

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